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Pepris Kwasa on Nursing as an Emotional Career

Nursing is Not Only Academics but an Emotional Career.

The nursing degree takes about four years to complete. Within the four years, you get into a life that is drowning you physically and emotionally and by the end of the four years; you are ready to breathe out. Breathing out, settling in on schedules, and daily work shifts. This is the beginning of an emotional roll coaster awaiting you. Your body stress levels get high for working long hours until your feet cannot take the pressure anymore and you got to rest, that’s the end of your first day at work.

Nursing offers a challenging career that may excite a few of us who thrill by new daily adventures because rarely do cases repeat themselves, but there will always be a dressing, helping in procedures, and entering patient health data somewhere. Some days you go home whistling with joy, other days you feel like a zombie and all you want is sleep.
Nursing as a career choice requires you dedicate all-round physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Sometimes you will say a prayer with your patients, other days you will sing them to sleep while all day your empathy will be in line daily and therefore one should be emotionally ready on what to expect.

It is a well-paying job and one will find fulfillment even though all this will come at an expense of undying pressure from meeting your expectations to putting the patient expectations first. The ultimate pressure is the one to save a life in an emergency room and therefore one ought to have time to recuperate from every traumatic occurrence that happens now and then. 

Dealing with life and death as a nurse is as difficult as for anyone else but one has to toughen up to meet the demand of the next job as soon as possible.

It is not a bashing article but an enlightening one to help the students who want to join in as nurses and also shed some light and bring regarding our because as a fact nurse shortage is worldwide felt and would encourage everyone with the guts to withstand pressure to deep in.
Nursing differs from most of the other courses such as a business course where people can run a business with few ideas of what they are doing and therefore it takes one to keep updating themselves with terminologies and medications as the new research comes in and therefore lifetime learning involved.

Most of the time, surrender your social life at the expense of learning and updating yourself with more knowledge to keep yourself at par with your colleges who seem to get it easier than yourself.

It is a noble thing to be a nurse and by the end of the day, the reward is great because this is a matter of life and death and therefore people will assume you are a hero and push expectations even higher demanding more from you.

Emotionally stability is very crucial for your success, thereby detox from every toxicity that may interfere with your performance and let go of things you cannot change. Don’t beat yourself so hard for failing to do something although it is very crucial to be careful and to exercise caution at all times, mistakes are unavoidable and sometimes they happen to all of us so just be human and let it go. The reason is if you get too attached to many things, it will be hard for you to move on and it will affect your overall performance.

Good grades and high credit scores are as important as having stable emotions because you will deal with people, dress, and undress wounds, which is not easy for a normal human. You will also face scarier things such as helping women put to birth and clean some of your patient who is too weak to perform it themselves.

Nursing as a career is important in our society and therefore more people should be encouraged to partake it to help curb the shortage worldwide and save more lives.
Besides, emotional strain is prevalent in most nurses due to fatigue from long hour working conditions.

Another emotional strain is backaches and sore feet. Nurses are also worried that they may contract diseases and viruses from being exposed to them daily and therefore should take precautions while handling such sensitive cases.

An emotional career is seen where most nurses face work bullying and violence. They ought to be given great working conditions but sometimes some of the nurses especially the new and young get so flustered at their workplace and if the issue is not addressed it may affect their productivity and make them face emotional turmoil.

Self-care and other personal hygiene is also part of keeping the nurses sane. All nurses deserve time to relax and re-energize. Time to refresh their mind is very crucial for every worker to be able to perform at their best levels.

Pepris Kwasa

My name is Pepris Kwasa and I am a Registered Nurse for 2 years working with Agha Khan hospital. I am also a writer with the Standard Magazine on Health and Wellness. I graduated from Cape Town University in 2017 with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. Among the major awards that I have earned include, Moran Publishers Articles 2018, Falcon First Aides, 2019, Kenya Red Cross 2019 Top Ten Priorities.

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