My First Month as an OR Nurse – Orientation, Transition, & Losing Nursing Skills

I wanted to share my experience so far as an OR/Operating Room nurse orientation so far. I talk about the transition from working night shift on a med surg floor to working day shift as an OR nurse. I also share why orientation is so long and whether or not I’m worried about losing my nursing skills

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Q&A w/My Co-Worker | New Nurse Tips, Confidence, ADN vs. BSN and Other Advice!

I had you all ask my work bestie, Joe and I some questions on instagram (@alyssapresleyxo) and we answer them in this video! We share a lot of our firsts as nurses, tips to overcome various new nurse struggles and other advice for those of you thinking about becoming nurses and those of you who are just starting out! Share this video with another new nurse that may need to hear some of these things! You’ve got this and you’re going to make an awesome nurse!

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Today’s video is going to explore the pros and cons of working night shift as a nurse from my perspective as a working mom. I work 12 hour night shifts as a nurse on an intermediate step-down med surg unit. I have been on night shift for about four months and it has been a pretty rough transition which I have shared on my channel. Make sure to leave your pros and cons as well as tips for other night shifters like myself in the comments!

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