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Today was a rough one. And in an effort to be transparent on the semi perfect internet, I thought I would share it with you. It’s not the happiest. So if you that’s your thing, you may want to skip this one. Work was rough. Home was a bit rough.

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Re-Think Sign-on Bonuses and Wait to Take the NCLEX

Whether you are a new grad or an experienced nurse looking for a new job, or even a savvy nursing

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Why didn’t they say it like that? – Health Literacy

I was working at a teaching hospital and rounding with the neurology team when we came into J’s room. The

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Concerns for Food Allergies when Prescribing Medications

Food allergies seem like they are becoming more prevalent, either that or I was in the right field to see

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Lessons Learned: Listening when they say “I don’t feel right”

I would have to say, when I graduated and passed my Family Nurse Practitioner certification, I became nervous about diagnosing

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The Right Way to Staff Your Unit?

I am often greeted by the nursing staff with a, “Good morning!  Today I have five patients.” I often reply

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7 Tips for the FNP

Healthcare workers and providers strive for patient’s to receive great experiences and bedside care. Aside from pride and human satisfaction, financial

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