New Nurse Practitioners: How to Get Through the First Year!

In this video I discuss one of my most frequently asked questions: How do I get through the first year? Topics of Discussion: 💌 Mentor 💌 Self-Research 💌 Journals 💌 Growth🌱 and Patience

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In this weeks video I’ll walk you through how I use my bullet journal now and how I used it when I was in NP school. I found using a bullet journal was a really good way to keep track of my non traditional life and schedule while I was balancing NP school, work and being a mom. Hopefully you’ll find some ideas you can implement into your bullet journaling as well!

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Re-Think Sign-on Bonuses and Wait to Take the NCLEX

Whether you are a new grad or an experienced nurse looking for a new job, or even a savvy nursing

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Is Your Employer’s Liability Coverage Sufficient?

Even though your employer offers RNs company provided liability insurance, it is worth asking yourself if that is sufficient or

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Lessons Learned: Listening when they say “I don’t feel right”

I would have to say, when I graduated and passed my Family Nurse Practitioner certification, I became nervous about diagnosing

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9 Must Haves for Healthcare Organizations to Attract and Retain the Best Talent

With aging population, increased chronic illnesses and retiring workforce, the demand for mid-level providers continues to grow. Competition for the

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5 Pros and 5 Cons of Working at the Retail Health Clinic

Walk-in retail clinics have sprouted throughout the country in the past decade: MinuteClinic, RediClinic, Healthcare Clinic (formerly TakeCare), The Little

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7 Tips for the FNP

Healthcare workers and providers strive for patient’s to receive great experiences and bedside care. Aside from pride and human satisfaction, financial

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