ASK A NURSE | What is Clinical and How Do I Prepare For it ?

Here is a very informative video about what clinical is, what to expect, and how to prepare for it. In this video I will be taking to another nurse who will also be sharing her experiences so that you can get the persecutive of someones else. Make sure to watch till the end so you don’t miss any important info.

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Nurse “On Call” | How does it work?!

I was always curious what I meant to be “on call”, when nurses get to be on call, and how NOT to get called in! Hopefully this should clarify any questions you might have.

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OB Anesthesia | Labor & Delivery | C-sections, Spinals & Epidurals!

Ifinished my OB rotation! I did C-sections, spinals and epidurals and I loved it! Watch to hear all about my experience.

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My tips for finishing out nursing school with a bang, landing your first job and getting through your first year as a nurse! I hope this video was helpful for all my future and current nurses out there!

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Family Nurse Practitioner Assumptions |True or False

In today’s video I’ll answer your assumptions about Family Nurse Practitioners from instagram! Some topics we will cover are is being a family nurse practitioner boring? You see the same thing over and over again as a Family Nurse Practitioner? Do you have to know a little bit of everything as a Family Nurse Practitioner?

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NEW! 🌜My Night Shift Nurse Routine and Survival Tips! 🌛

Today’s video includes my best tips to survive night shift as a nurse as well as my night shift nurse routine!

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How to get a job as a New Grad Nurse (No job experience?!)

We all know getting a job as new grad is pretty much as hard as it gets. Here’s my top 6 tips on how you can CLOSE THAT DEAL and LAND THAT JOB!

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I work both shifts and was happy to compare pros and cons. At the end of the day I love them both & they ARE ESSENTIAL for our patients.

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