Registered Nurse

Vicki (Totter) Hess, RN, MS

Imagine for a second the sacrifices made by our health workers.

Especially working in the middle of this deadly pandemic.

The trauma…

The risk of infection…

The hours…

Imagine what it takes for these doctors, nurses, paramedics and other frontline warriors to rise above personal safety, risk their lives, and that of their loved ones to save us.

And to do so with such bravery no one should expect from a medical professional.

This should make us grateful for their compassion, expertise, selflessness and unflinching willingness to do these things to make the world safe again.

Today, let’s hear healthcare expert Vicki Hess, RN, MS describe some of the unique situations health workers, especially nurses see everyday on the job and how they deal with them.

This clip is from our “Healthcare People Strategies” conference held in June.
Ascend HR Corp | HR Maximizer Inc & XOR helped organize this important conference.

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