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Small Beginnings

We started the Nurse blog as a project in October 2016, and almost 30k views later, this has proven to be a great resource for nurses to give and receive relevant advice.

We are looking to grow our blog with even more articles and videos and would like your help to share this with more registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

Here are our top most viewed articles as of March 21, 2019:

  1. Abandonment: What It Is And Is Not
  2. When an Assignment is Unsafe
  3. A Lesson in Humility
  4. Me Too – Nurses and Sexual Harassment
  5. 5 Pros and 5 Cons of Working at the Retail Health Clinic
  6. Are You Fit for Duty?
  7. Crossing the Boundary”
  8. Life is about coming and going….quote by unknown author.
  9. “Safe Staffing: Why Ratios Aren’t the Answer
  10. Climbing the Nursing Corporate Ladder

Last 48 hours Top Posts

  1. Abandonment: What It Is And Is Not
  2. Nursing Interview Questions and Answers
  3. Safe Staffing: Why Ratios Aren’t the Answer
  4. When an Assignment is Unsafe
  5. Top 10 Highest Paid Nursing Professions
  6. Crossing the Boundary

Are you interested in writing articles/videos for our blog in your spare time?

Submitted Articles

Please send us your article (or article idea), and we will pay you if it is posted:

  • $50 for anecdotes/general tips/advice articles by registered nurses for RNs/LPNs
  • $65 for anecdotes/general tips/advice articles by NPs/MSN nurses for NPs/RNs
  • $100 for advice articles by RNs with JD or Current professor/educators for NPs/RNs

We accept Articles with 400-1200 words or Videos 3-5 minutes of HD recording (most phones have this capability).

Submitted Videos

Feel free to send videos or video ideas. We accept YouTube or Vimeo links, however we only pay for exclusive content unless otherwise agreed upon.

You can also record without needing to edit them beforehand, we can edit them as needed and also have a way to upload them. Feel free and submit your video proposal for consideration.

Video Example of Why Listening Is So Important In Making A Huge Impact (with Patients):

We will attribute the article to you as well. Please like and comment below with your interest or you can message me directly.

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